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I can’t really wish for a lot right after Christmas, but I would love to see this gorgeous Rag & Bone hat and that perfect little black dress from Acne hanging/laying in my closet.

I’m strongly thinking about sticking to a French wardrobe secret called the ‘5 Piece French Wardrobe’ from January on. It’s something that a lot of you might have already heard of before, but I’m going to explain anyway. The idea is to buy just 5 new (on trend) items each season. Since there’s just two seasons in fashion, that’s about 10 pieces a year. Now this may seem very hard and highly impossible to do, but basics don’t count and I would only recommend to do this when you’re already having a nice basic wardrobe.

I think the key is to only buy stuff you really really want, so you won’t get tired of them very easily. You have to make your own rules, depending on your budget. My rules:

Basics, like that Acne dress don’t count.

Shoes do count, cause I kinda have an expensive taste in shoes.

Accessories don’t count, but that Rag & Bone hat would, since it’s over 100 euro’s.

Underwear and socks don’t count.

The rest does…

I will keep you up to date.