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When I wrote about me starting the 5 Piece French Wardrobe regime again last week and about „basics not counting”, Amanda asked me what are the basics exactly? Good point.

But before I dive into this, let’s change the name of this concept to just 5 Piece Wardrobe. Some of you rightfully suggested that we shouldn’t generalize a specific group of people and their style (plus not all French have a shopping habit that consists of only buying 5 new pieces a season) and that only makes sense. So from now on, 5 Piece Wardrobe it is.

Anyway, back to the basics.

Let me start by saying the basics are different for everyone. While a crisp white cotton shirt seems like one of the most basic pieces to me, it might be something completely complicated for someone else.

So this post contains merely of items that I personally see as basics and will hopefully help you get your list of basics together.

To me, the following rules have to apply to be able to call something basic:

1. I can wear this over and over and over again, until it falls apart.
2. This goes with everything I already own.
3. I pretty much can’t live without this.
4. This is the glue that helps me keep the rest of my wardrobe together.
5. This is made of a good material that will last (for a very long time).

A very important rule to keep in mind is that basics don’t necessarily have to be expensive. For example I super like the fit of most T by Alexander Wang t-shirts (and yes, they’re pretty basic), but their quality confuses me to say the least. I’ve had quite a few, but they all started pilling or had holes within a week or two. One of my favorite brands to go to for perfect good quality t-shirts is COS, preferably the men’s department. I’ve had a black one for ages and it’s still as if it is new. 6397 is really good too, but more expensive.

For me a proper list of non-seasonal essentials (and I wrote about most of these before, here and here) – shoes and accessories not included – consists of:

1. A classic wool coat.
2. A leather jacket.
3. A cashmere sweater.
4. A cotton shirt.
5. The perfect white t-shirt.
6. A silk evening shirt.
7. A suit (that can be easily worn as separates).
8. Boyfriend jeans.
9. Fitted washed black/dark gray jeans.
10. A skirt (any that fits your style and hugs your figure).

Now there’s obviously more basics than these (a striped longsleeve for example), but I believe this is a list that works for different styles and wardrobes and will at least help you get started.

Anything I forgot to cover?

PS: I’ve also created a board on Pinterest filled with perfect basics that I will regularly update.