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At the very coldest day during New York Fashion Week – the one day I had no shows or presentations, nor did I have any other plans – one of my friends came up with the fantastic idea to go outlet shopping at Woodbury (located at an hour drive from Manhattan) and I immediately said ‚yes’. I had heard so many good stories (Prada shoes at 90% off, Stella dresses for little over $100,- and a Céline store) that I had to give it a shot. Because hello(!), music to my ears.

I have to admit that when I got dropped off at the food area, all I could think of was ‘can someone please get me out of here?!’. I was one of the first to arrive there that morning and the food hall looked so miserably sad that I almost wanted to jump straight back on the bus, back to civilization.

When my partner in crime arrived – she came from the other side of Manhattan, hence why we took a different bus – we manned up and came up with a survival plan (Barneys first, then Céline and so on and so on) for this war zone.

And after almost loosing my bag (I somehow managed to leave it in the food hall after a quick coffee break, whoever took it to the information desk, I’ll be forever thankful) and trying on one too many pairs of sunglasses, five pairs of shoes, two pairs of trousers and one jacket, I left the place with one half of a pair of Balenciaga earrings. Not the best score for an entire day of shopping.

That same friend (who got herself a Jil Sander bag and the other half of those Balenciaga earrings) went to Century 21 a few days after our dissatisfying outlet shopping session. And after raving about the $75,- costing pair of leather pants and the Margiela skirt she found there for $11,- over dinner, she convinced me to go there on my very last morning in the Big Apple.

“That store is the definition of total horror for me.”

That store is the definition of total horror for me, but I came, I saw and I conquered a pair of Aaliyah-like 90’s vibe pinstriped pants from Ter et Bantine (discounted from $1.600,- to $24,-) and a navy blazer that fits like a dream from Chalayan (from $2.300,- for $75,-).

New York score!

Oh and did I mention I found myself a floral printed vintage Prada number during a 10 minute browsing spree at INA in between meetings?

Total damage so far:
1. Balenciaga earrings.
2. Ter et Bantine pants.
3. Chalayan blazer.
4. Prada shirt.
5. Miu Miu shoes (remember?).

Yeah, not exactly according to plan of only buying 5 pieces with still four months left on the calendar. But as I told you earlier this week, I am currently in this transitioning fase and in the end all that matters is that I am super happy with my newly acquainted pieces. As long as we’re not completely over consuming and buying random stuff that we are going to get sick of before the new season has even started, it’s ok to go a little crazy every once in a while.

Plus, it makes for a good story…