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…in with the new. Let me introduce you to my first official 5 Piece Wardrobe buy of the year. Satin metallic brocade Mary Jane pumps by Miu Miu. They’re a little bit completely different from what I usually buy, but I guess that’s the whole point of growing a great shoe collection. Just like my glitter flats, they are special shoes and I need more special shoes as the rest of my ensemble is usually a simple uniform consisting of grays and blacks.

Anyway, this purchase wouldn’t be a real me buy if I didn’t have an extra argument (or two) on why I had to have them (I have this urge to always defend my purchases), so here goes. I am selling my Alexander Wang leopard pumps. If you’re interested, they’re still up for grabs here. Now who would get rid of an old pair of shoes without getting a good replacement first? Not me! Also, life is short, buy the shoes.

One month down, five to go (with 4 more pieces left). Doable.

Yesterday I mentioned how it’s a little unfair to do the 5 Piece Wardrobe regime and brag about how well it goes, while sometimes getting things gifted. It definitely makes it easier to keep up, however I do have to mention that I rarely accept ‘freebies’. And when I do (when I REALLY love it), most of the time I get rid of another item in my wardrobe, to prevent it from getting overly cluttered.

But I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Should I count these pieces too? Or should I set a separate maximum for them? Or just not worry about it too much…