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Season two of my 5 Piece French Wardrobe journey is about to begin and to get you all on board I thought it would be fun to share a 3 step guide on how to get things started.

Clear the decks. We all have our ways to deal with the excessiveness in our wardrobes. Some keep their stuff forever and pile up big time, some throw out too much. My number one tip to get rid of the right items is to turn all hangers in your closet backwards – turn around folded t-shirts and jeans too – and turn everything back to normal once you’ve worn them. Whatever is still turned in a year from your start date (today?!) has to go. A year is looong, but hey you have to give all seasons a chance!

Same goes for shoes and all your accessories. Come up with a smart way that shows you if you’ve worn it or not. Sentimental stuff is always a keeper.

Get the basics. There are tons of lists to be found on which items are the glue to keep anyone’s wardrobe together. My list of 10 non-seasonal essentials is not going to be completely new nor refreshing, but it is what I believe could be a good way to get this thing started without too big of a threshold. All the basics need to be of perfect quality, so you don’t end up having to replace them each and every year/season.

My ultimate 10 – shoes and accessories not included – are, a classic wool coat, a leather jacket, a cashmere sweater, a cotton shirt, the perfect white t-shirt, a silk evening shirt, a suit (can be worn as separates), boyfriend jeans, fitted black jeans and a skirt (any that fits your style and hugs your figure).

There’s obviously more basics in the world than this, so don’t worry about counting others – such as a striped t-shirt – as basics.

Wish List. Last, but definitely not least. Create a wish list of the 5 items you are imagining buying in the next 6 months. Don’t buy them all at once, try to evenly plan them out (this gives room to unplanned wardrobe necessities). Practically it’s almost an item a month, so it is not as hard as it sounds.

My wish list for spring/summer goes a little something like this.


A Denim Jacket. Ahh, I should have kept my old Levi’s, it would have been vintage by now…

Some Sort of Slide or Slipper. Let’s say my Birkenstock phase needs to be compromised by a more subtle option. It might be a little early talking barefoot when it is not even February, but I can already see myself sliding through summer in these. It is like a luxury hotel slipper with a peep toe, perfect!

MiH Phoebe Jeans. I could go on and on about these jeans and if it was not for the uncountable amount of boyfriend bottoms already in my wardrobe (here and here), these would be basic. Why would I still need them then, you ask? They are impeccable. As if someone just really did figure out how to create thé ideal pair of jeans.

A Staw Fedora. Totally unnecessary, but such a chic summer staple. I might replace this with a summer dress later, but for now, I am convinced I need a fedora in my life. Since I wear hats all day everyday (never). Right.

Timeless Jewelry. I have a little box of gold bits and things from when I was a child and I have thought about selling it, but I think I would rather get it melted and reshaped into something that I will actually wear.

As for the basics, I am thinking a striped longsleeve (how could I have lived without it for so long?!) and that blue cotton shirt that is almost glued to my body in white.

Who’s with me? And what’s on your wish list this season?

Striped T-Shirt, Comme des Garçons; Necklace, Sophie Hulme; Boyfriend Jeans, MiH; Slippers, Newbark; Shirt, Rika; Hat, Maison Michel. Image by Adam Franzino for Elle Australia.

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