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As I told you guys earlier, I want to stick to the 5 Piece French Wardrobe clothing diet. Here’s the 5 pieces I want to get (apart from basics) from January to June.

Alexander Wang Natasha leopard pumps
Ann Sophie Back zip jacket
Celine Boston or Cabas bag

These are my three most wanted items at the moment (they can ofcourse always change, but a good list probably doesn’t change much). I think it’s good to keep some empty space left for some extra’s, so I left number four and five blank. Those will for sure get filled up by shoes later…

I already got myself the Ann Sophie Back zip jacket, which will probably arrive tomorrow as I may believe the email I just got from my friends over at UPS. The picture is from Asos (though I didn’t get it there, since it was sold out in my size) but doesn’t do the jacket any justice.

I will make a list with basics to start with the French Wardrobe thingy later, so you can maybe use it and I can too. Now who’s with me?

ph/ Garance Dorรฉ, Asos