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With a minimalist wardrobe like my own, I am always looking for new ways to wear things. Whether it is playing around with silhouettes (or non-silhouettes for that matter) or giving an item a whole new purpose. This, combined with my current obsession for simple (not sexy!) corsets, and an old issue of i-D magazine made me want to just slip on a shirt and wrap a piece of sweater around it. Like a cashmere corset.

And so that is exactly what I did yesterday. At first I was doubting if it looked right or not, but when my other half commented on it with a “your top looks kind of weird”, I knew it was a yes. It is something that I haven’t tried before and a major plus is that it creates a more feminine shape to an oversized boyfriend shirt.

On other outfit notes, I thought I would give wearing jeans óver ankle boots – like I used to do back in the days – another try, but I am not quite sure what to think of it yet. What do you think?

PS: I was secretly wearing some heat-tech, to keep my upper body from continuously shivering.
PPS: I created a ‘Ways to Wear’ board on Pinterest to collect some more ideas on how to wear a modern corset.

Coat, All Saints (men’s department); Shirt, H&M (men’s department); Sweater (as a corset), ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo; Jeans, Paige; Boots, Zara.

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