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When Yara took me to Sephora back in New York in between shows – picture her with shopping basket, me obediently right behind her – she immediately went for a pink spongy egg. “What the h*ll are you going to do with that?”, was my response and in about 10 overenthusiastic minutes, she explained why this so called Beautyblender is everyone’s make-up bag essential.

One thing was clear, this egg was going to change my life. And so I grabbed a basket too and filled it with a pink egg.

Back in our apartment, I skeptically wet the egg to double its size and apply my foundation without getting my hands dirty (I normally use my hands as a brush) or getting those ugly brush stripes.

Score #1!

When I looked in the mirror, it was like oh my god, it looks like you’re photoshopped! Flawless.

Score #2!

PS: The only thing is that the sponge gets kinda gross really quickly (as you can see) and only lasts for about three months.

Beautyblender, Sephora.

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