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Patience is a virtue, someone once said. That person probably never wore nail polish. We’ve all been there. Perfectly polished nails ruined in a matter of seconds. And usually due to random, unnecessary things like a small sneeze or scratching your arm. Whether you sit like an obedient dog or wave your palms as if you’re on fire – yes, jazz hands – there seems to be no escape. Unless you have hours to waist on your nails of course, but let’s be honest. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Nail dry sprays, polish drying drops and quick dry topcoats usually do the trick when it comes to speeding up the nail dry process. But there’s no need to even leave the house for a practical, fast drying nail polish quick fix. Hold up?

That’s right, you can find proper solutions in the comfort of your own home. So for the ladies who are fed up with walking around like Edward Scissorhands after their manicure, try these tips.

1. Cooking Spray. Wait, what? Yes, that’s not a typo. Adding a coat of cooking spray on your nails is a very effective way to make them dry faster. And guess what, it moistens the hands and softens your cuticles at the same time.

2. Easy On The Topcoat. Instead of smudging a thick transparent topcoat on of your nails, go for a thin finish. It might sound simple, but a small detail can make a big difference.

3. Ice, Ice, Baby. Dipping your fingers in a bowl filled with ice water for about 3 minutes will transform your nail polish from liquid to solid. A natural reaction, the cold makes molecules stick together. Thank you science!

4. Let Go. I appreciate my classics when it comes to nail polish. But when it’s time to let go, you should say goodbye to old polishes. Expired bottles with separated or changed colors take forever to dry.

5. Blow It Away. Another simple, but practical solution. Simply change your hair dryer setting to cold and dry your nails with a proper distance from your nails. Just make sure you have your dryer within hand’s reach after you’ve polished your nails.

6. Layer By Layer. Wait one or two minutes between applying coats. This allows the lacquer to dry faster and adhere better to the nail. Easy and effective.

7. Freeze It. This trick is similar to number 3, but even faster. Just stick your hands in the freezer for a few minutes and you will notice the difference. But keep your hands off the ice cream!

That’s it! Seven shortcuts to nail the polish drill. Not to mention seven reasons to stay at home and explore the potential of seemingly ordinary items in your house.

One irritation down, about a kazillion to go. What’s your biggest beauty frustration?