Fashion is everywhere




Ah and right before my European Fashion Week tour (London, Milan and Paris, I am coming for ya!) starts, my continuous urge to get to the most perfectly edited wardrobe is trying to take over. I have been doing a great job in avoiding all shops since I got back from LA, but I just can not seem to evade the occasional lurk when it comes to the online shelves.

I mean hello, I am being catapulted straight into fashion utopia in a couple of days and I am staying there until March 4th (tiny little pit stops in Amsterdam to do laundry and re-pack in between not included) and I haven’t packed anything yet. Wardrobe crisis!

The fact that half of the New York show attendee’s doesn’t know what to wear either (no pun intended, but who goes bare legged in -1ºC?!) gives me some comfort and I will probably end up being totally fine, but still.

I feel like I need something leopard, a pair of oversized grey wool trousers, a chic leather fanny pack (don’t ask), that navy blue trench from Céline Resort 2014, this peculiar oversized drafting shirt from La Garçonne Moderne, all triplet bags from the Alexander Wang show earlier this week, fitted leather trousers (mine are a bit on the boyfriend side), a cool bustier to update all my t-shirts and shirts, a wool oversized camel coat (preferably from the Stella McCartney variety), at least 7 pairs of new shoes, and the list goes on.

And on…

And on…

Ok, so how’s your 5 Piece French Wardrobe experiment going so far?