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Before diving (head first) into the new summer stuff shown at the fashion shows I will be attending in the next few weeks, I thought I would do some decent fall browsing. As the French always do it better, I tried to do it in some sort of my own French way this time and just went browsing (no buying yet).

Browsing for the five pieces – and five pieces only – I want to update my fall wardrobe with. For anyone who has been reading my blog since forever, this 5 piece French wardrobe thing may sound like a familiar concept.

I already tried it once and failed quite badly, but I am going to have another shot at only buying five pieces per season once again. (Still have to figure out whether there’s two or four seasons though…)

The rules are simple:
– Only five new pieces per season are allowed
– Basics don’t count
– Accessories do not either
– Designer bags and shoes do

Also, for me there are certain limits and extra rules as well as some exceptions. For example, I allow myself to buy one bag a year, but a Chanel would count as two (years). A black blazer is quite the basic piece, but if it’s one with a hefty price tag, it certainly counts as one of the five.

To increase the chances of making this work, it is important to go through what is already in the closet and to execute a very strict edit on it. Is this awesome enough? Am I ever going to wear this again? Does this even look good on me? Would this make someone else happier? Would someone else make this happier? And that is exactly what I have been doing lately.

For my browsing session, I went over to my friends at De Bijenkorf and found these:

Classics with a twist
Classics can be handy, but sometimes a bit boring too. To me, a classic blue shirt is always a good idea, but if it a twist or a crazy details to it makes it even better. Note to self: I definitely need more classics with twists in my life.

Something leopard
I tried these 3.1 Phillip Lim leopard leggings pictured above when I was wearing nothing but some underwear. When I looked in the mirror and saw a girl in a bra and leopard leggings, it really scared the **** out of me. After adding some layers, it actually looked pretty hot!

A chunky sweater
One can never have enough chunky sweaters. Mine always have to feel like this really cozy place.

The suit
Another classic, a classic that I luckily already have. But if my house was on fire and I had to buy a new suit, I would easily go for this T by Alexander Wang jacket and Joseph pants. Or – even cooler – a full corduroy suit.

Black ankle boots
Everybody needs a pair of black ankle boots. These are my old favorites from Alexander Wang and are still going strong so I don’t need any new ones. Just saying there are a LOT of good options/competition available this fall.

Anything Phillip Lim really
I mean, have you seen the runway show?

My ultimate goal, wardrobe wise, would be to have a closet exclusively filled with items that make it impossible to look either dull, too simple or plain boring. Jackets that are insanely awesome and only need a pair of dark colored jeans, shoes that do all the talking, conversation starting accessories, etc.

PS: I also played around a bit with these pieces and will show you how I would style them later this month.

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